WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates are a Must!

Taking just a little time to check your site for updates is a MUST when your site is using the WordPress foundation.

WHY? Because updates for WordPress may contain security updates, functionality updates, or other updates.

And the Plugins are “ahead of us” and have already been notified by WordPress that there’s going to be an update and they get on the wagon to make sure the Plugin(s) they offer are also ready to update as well if needed.

Sometimes your Theme might have an update for functionality or whatever reason.

Once you get behind by even a couple updates on anything, you run the risk of “something” not working.

Especially the IDX Plugins that real estate agents use. (I’ll be doing another post on the hierarchy of Plugins and how not all of ’em play nice together!)



Once you login to your WordPress site, you’ll see right away if there’s updates over in the left column top area (Home – Updates).

wordpress updates

If you simply follow the prompts, you can do the following:

1) If WordPress has an update, do that FIRST!!! Follow the prompts for an automatic update. Most of you already have some sort of “backup” either built-in your host or through a Plugin…so don’t worry about the notification of backing up your files…just do the automatic update.

2) If you have a Theme update as well, do this SECOND (or before any plugins if there’s no WordPress update) – same process…follow the prompts for the automatic update.

3) Plugins are LAST all the time unless there’s no WordPress or Theme update. You can choose the bulk updater and update every single one through the Updates area. Check ’em all…and follow the prompts.

This process literally takes a couple minutes to complete for everything and you’ll be glad you do it!