Real Estate Themes for WordPress

I see it all too often…real estate agents / brokers are looking at themes for their WordPress website. They see these fancy layouts for displaying their featured listings and boom…sold!


These real estate specific themes use features they’ve created and you have to enter your listings into your WordPress website using their feature.

95% of the time, the agent / broker is using an IDX solution with widgets and pre-generated pages for featured listings, searches / results, and listing details. Real estate agents / brokers really don’t want to enter their listings “again” – gosh knows they’ve probably entered it already in numerous spots besides the MLS!

Just remember, your listing displays and searches will look nothing like the samples shown in these fancy real estate themes if you’re not entering your listings into the theme’s listings feature.

One way to take advantage of a theme’s listings features is to do a single front pic of the home, an excerpt, and the main info…price, beds, baths, etc. with a button link on this page linking over to your listing on the MLS. Less maintenance, but not maintenance-free this way. It would just be the price that would have to be adjusted if any changes. That single pic will display nicely with the basic info needed to showcase the featured listings widget or slideshow of featured listings, etc. in a real estate theme for WordPress!