270 million fake or clone accounts on Facebook

November, 2017 article by Patrick Kulp Facebook quietly admits to as many as 270 million fake or clone accounts... Amid the distraction of Facebook's blockbuster earnings this week, the company quietly admitted to hosting more phony accounts than previously revealed. The social network upped its estimate of the portion of fake accounts from 2 to … Continue reading 270 million fake or clone accounts on Facebook

SSL Featured in Point2

Point2 Agent Website SSL Feature Added

For Point2 Agent members, the Technical team has implemented the "Activate SSL" feature in the Online Office of Point2 Agent websites. There are some cautions that appear when you click on "Switch to HTTPS." If you're using one of Point2 Agent's website themes, no worries.  If your website is customized, you might want to reach … Continue reading Point2 Agent Website SSL Feature Added

Is Your Site Secure

Does Your Website Have an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate isn't just for eCommerce anymore. It is very important as well for realtors to have a secure website when it comes to viewer trust and sharing information on your website as they register to save searches, receive new listings via email, request a home evaluation, etc. In search results, viewers are more … Continue reading Does Your Website Have an SSL Certificate?

WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates are a Must!

Taking just a little time to check your site for updates is a MUST when your site is using the WordPress foundation. WHY? Because updates for WordPress may contain security updates, functionality updates, or other updates. And the Plugins are "ahead of us" and have already been notified by WordPress that there's going to be … Continue reading WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates are a Must!

A Glimpse Into Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a comprehensive platform that tracks and analyzes your website's traffic. But a lot of folks find it intimidating and challenging to use. Understanding how to get some basic information from the Google Analytics platform can give you a pretty good insight into how your website is working for you. There are four … Continue reading A Glimpse Into Google Analytics

wordpress requiring HTTPS

WordPress Requiring HTTPS

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, recently announced that the software will require all hosts to have HTTPS for certain WordPress features to function. Don’t panic just yet. If you already have HTTPS, this shouldn’t affect you. But if you’re still using HTTP, you’ll need to upgrade soon. The good news is that the transition is not … Continue reading WordPress Requiring HTTPS


Auto Approve / Block Handshake Feature in Point2

Using the auto approve / block feature in your Point2 Agent website means less worry about having to manually accept / decline handshake requests as they appear. Saves you time and helps keep your site and others updated with new listings as they appear. Some folks opt not to use the handshake listings on their … Continue reading Auto Approve / Block Handshake Feature in Point2

real estate writers block

Real Estate Writers Block Blues

To be effective with your online presence, your real estate blog requires consistent posting. It's time to work through the rut of writer's block and I'm here to help! 1. Location, Location, Location Where do you currently sit down to write your blog posts? Change you location! 2. Look at Community and Interior Design Websites … Continue reading Real Estate Writers Block Blues